The wind has been blowing gale force all day, which brings thoughts of living in Alaska; thankfully it’s a south wind so there’s no problem with staying warm today. It’s even too windy to fly a kite if I were so inclined. It’s entertaining to see birds, even large crows, try to fly against the wind…almost an impossibility. After struggling valiantly they finally give up and fly with the wind, altering their destination I suppose…if they even have a specific destination.

A front is pushing through and it’s awfully hard on these old bones, even my teeth ache. It’s interesting how the weather affects our bodies. The barometric changes in air pressure cause swelling in body tissue which in turn cause increased inflammation and pain. Many people can tell when the weather is going to change, especially if they are troubled with rheumatism, or have an old wound, such as a broken bone. The tide affects our bodies as well; our bodies are 70% water so some persons think that’s the reason although there’s no scientific proof of this. There’s no doubt however [ask a policeman or emergency room attendant] that the full moon affect homicide rates, suicide rates, outbreaks of insanity, emergency room admissions, and birthrate; this is called the lunar effect or being under lunar control. A woman’s body follows a lunar cycle so it doesn’t seem too far off to think the moon could have a say in childbirth as well. At any rate, more babies are born during a full moon than at any other time. The full moon is also blamed for werewolf-ism ….but that’s a fairy tale for another time. This earth is more than just a place to live, we are linked to it and its rhythm in more ways than most of us realize.

I don’t subscribe to the big bang theory, as appealing as it might be to some. No, it’s comforting to me to know that our creator made a special place for us to live, connected to everything around us. We are part of the whole equation; nothing truly belongs to us but everything here is for our use be it for food, raiment, shelter, or simply to gladden the eye. As I feel this weather change in my body I am thankful, not for the pain, but for my body’s connection to this earth and for a loving Father who gave me the opportunity to be here.


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